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Solar Eclipse Tour 2016



2016 / 03 / 09



Solar-Eclipse local time: 07:29 - 07:31 am

Max. Totality 2m:30s Palangka Raya, Indonesia

Observation Site: PALANGKA RAYA

Eclipse Path 2016 - Indonesia - Eclipse Viewing Site near Palangka Raya


04 March - 13 March 2016




Day 1 - 04 March : Flight to Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia) - (optional Flight to Denpasar on request)

Day 2 - 05 March : Arrival and Transfer to Hotel


Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International airport, meet and greet with your local guide and directly transfer to your hotel. After check in, the rest of the day is free at leisure.

We will have a welcome dinner at our hotel this evening.

Overnight accommodation at the Alaya Resort (Deluxe room)





Following a buffet breakfast at our hotel, we head east to see the Kerta Gosa, or “Hall of Justice”, built in 18th century in Klungkung. It is beautifully laid out within a moat, and provides an exquisite example of the Klungkung style of painting and architecture which can be seen in its ceiling murals. We then continue on to Kusamba, a fisherman village that also engages in salt making, where you will see colorful outrigger boats lined up along the black sand shores. The coastal road with its full view to Nusa Penida will lead us to Goa Lawah (Bat Cave). This cave --- whose walls vibrate with thousands of bats --- is considered holy, and a temple and surrounding shrines protect its entrance. After a lunch stop, we go to Taman Tirta Gangga (Water Palace) whose swimming pools and ornamental ponds serve as a fascinating reminder of the old Balinese rajah's period. Our last stop will be Tenganan, an original Balinese village, which serves as a stronghold of ancient traditions. You can see the local women weave the famous "flaming" cloth, or kamben geringsing, which supposedly has the power of immunize its wearer against evil.

Dinner tonight is by individual arrangements.

Overnight accommodation at Alaya Resort (Deluxe room)


Day 4 - 07 March : MAS - KINTAMANI - UBUD


After our breakfast, we pay a morning visit to a local Balinese house compound, where every building has a purpose and therefore points in the right direction. We then continue on to the village of Mas, the island’s capital of wood carving. This unique village is famous for preserving their handicraft artistry through generation. We next visit Ubud, the village of artists, and the market where they display their masterpieces. Our next stop is Kintaman, reached via Tegalalang, with its most beautiful rice terraces. The absolute highlight of the tour is on top of the ridge of Mt. Batur, which has an overlook of the 4.6 mile (7.5 km) wide volcano crater. Here we will enjoy our lunch, and will have time to enjoy the stunning panorama, before we return to the hotel.

Dinner tonight is by individual arrangement.

Overnight accommodation at Alaya Resort (Deluxe room)


Day 5 - 08 March: Denpasar Airport - Palangkaraya (Via Jakarta)


Following an early breakfast, we depart from our hotel to Bali airport where we catch our flight to Palangkaraya. Kalimantan (Borneo) via Jakarta.

Upon our arrival at Palangkaraya airport, we meet and greet our local guide.


Denpasar to Palangkaraya via Jarkarta Flights


Flight 1

Departure: 12:05 Denpasar, Bali

Arrival: 13:05 Jakarta, Java

Airline: Garuda Indonesia GA-407


Flight 2

Departure: 14:55 Jakarta, Java

Arrival: 16:45 Palangkaraya, Kalimantan

Airline: Garuda Indonesia GA-552


Dinner and overnight accommodation will be at the Rungan Sari Resort


Day 6 - 09 March: ECLIPSE DAY !


We will have a very early breakfast, and then proceed to our designated viewing area for the eclipse today. To aid us in having mobility, we have our own coach to transport us to a clear site, should our primary viewing area’s weather be poor. Following 4th contact, we return to our hotel and have the rest of the day free.


Start of partial eclipse (C1) :

Start of total eclipse (C2) :

Maximum eclipse :

End of total eclipse (C3) :

End of partial eclipse (C4) :

23:23 UT-1d

00:29 UT

00:30 UT

00:31 UT

01:47 UT

06:23 a.m. local time

07:29 a.m. local time

07:30 a.m. local time

07:31 a.m. local time

08:47 a.m. local time


A celebration dinner is planned for this evening at our hotel.

Dinner and overnight accommodation at the Rungan Sari Resort



Day 7 - 10 March : Orangutan and Dayak Culture Cruise


Following our buffet breakfast you have the morning at your leisure.


In the afternoon, we board the Rahai’i Pangun river boat at the Pelabuhan rambang (port) in the capital city of Palangkaraya, in Central Kalimantan (Borneo). We then journey through the city and upriver to Danau (lake) Dapur. We will then transfer to traditional canoes to explore the beautiful natural black water lakes and canals, while keeping an eye out for proboscis monkeys, eagles, and hornbills. We will hope to get our first glimpse of orang-utans on the Pulau Pallas “release islands”. Next, we will continue up river to the second release island of Pulau Kaja, with its town of Tangkiling. We will take time to tour nearby, to see some Dayak spirit houses, and a holy rock, representing the boat of the spirit world.

Overnight accommodation at Rungan Sari Resort


Day 8 - 11 March : Palangkaraya - Denpasar


We have an early breakfast, followed by our departure from our hotel to the Palangkaraya airport, where we catch the flight back to Denpasar, Bali, via Jakarta.

Upon arrival at Denpasar airport, we will meet and greet our local guide.


Palangkaraya to Denpasar via Jarkarta Flights


Flight 1

Departure: 17:40 Palangkaraya, Kalimantan

Arrival: 18:50 Jakarta, Java

Airline: Garuda Indonesia GA-553


Flight 2

Departure: 20:10 Jakarta, Java

Arrival: 23:15 Denpasar, Bali

Airline: Garuda Indonesia GA-420


Upon our arrival at Denpasar, Ngurah Rai International airport, you will be met by your guide and will then directly transfer to your hotel.


Overnight accommodation at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa


Day 9 - 12 March : Departure Transfer Day


Buffet breakfast at our hotel. You have the day free until the time when you are scheduled to be picked up for your transfer to the airport.

End of tour services.


Day 10 - 13 March : Arrivel at home


Arrivel at home at the same day (12 March) or at the next day (13 March) depends of your takeoff time.

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